Pakistan is the hub of talent across world. We have produced brilliant minds that are serving the world all over. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and considered one of the most developed cities in country. Islamabad houses Pakistan’s most brilliant universities like NUST, FAST, IIUI and several others. It is the home of all elite and most educated families in country and a final destination for those seeking future in technology.  Thus we are able to grab the finest talent across Pakistan in this city.

There are approximately 1000 software houses in the city, working with various names and most of them are freelancers. These small groups of young entrepreneurs are making good money by offering services in code, design, development, content and consultancy. We, at Aesthetic Technologies, have a pool of reserved consultants/ freelancers available to work for us in case a big task come to us. Along with this, we have a big team of dedicated developers who work with us day and night.

We also have presence in Lahore and Karachi for a variety of customers and a large client base in Peshawar and Quetta as well, but the core operations office is based in Islamabad.