How big and enormous Google is, is known to one and all! But is Google just about the search engine, Android and Maps? Well no! Google is a whole suite of web-based applications and services for everything from email to calendaring, document editing, and file storage. And if that is also something that you already know, then here we bring to you 7 more interesting and less known Google Services that you should know about.

1. Account Activity

Account Activity is a feature you can enable for your Google account. After signing up, Google will generate a password-protected report each month and email it to you. The report contains insights about how much you used Google – how many emails you sent and received, what you searched for, and so on.

2. Schemer

Google’s Schemer is a website and mobile app that helps you find things to do near you. You can see things your Google+ contacts want to do and have done, so it’s customized to you (at least, it is if you use Google+.)

3. Takeout

Compared to other web services like Facebook, Google takes a refreshing approach to your data: your data is yours and Google makes it easy to download it, whether you want to quit Google or you just want a local backup copy. Google Takeout allows you to easily download the data from a variety of different Google web services.

For services that aren’t part of Google Takeout, check out Google’s official Data Liberation Front website for instructions on downloading your data. Your Gmail emails are the hardest thing to download .

4. Zeitgeist And Hot Trends

Google Zeitgeist is an annual report Google puts together. For the most recent report, Google analyzed 1.2 trillion searches in 136 languages to look at what the world searched for in 2012.

Hot Trends is sort of like Zeitgeist, but more current. It will tell you what people are searching for today – you don’t have to wait a year.

5. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a DNS service you can use instead of your Internet service provider’s DNS servers. If your ISP’s servers are flaky, try changing your DNS servers to Google Public DNS. Google Public DNS also promises increased speed – although this will vary depending on your location and how fast your ISP’s DNS servers are. It has some bonus security features that may not yet be enabled on your ISP’s DNS servers, too. Google Public DNS is similar to OpenDNS.

6. URL Shortener

If you need a URL shortener, you can use Google’s URL Shortener.

7. Ingress

Google’s Ingress is an alternate-reality massively multiplayer online game with a twist – you have to physically move around the world to collect objects and complete objectives. It’s in a closed beta at the moment, but the idea is super cool.