Integrated Development Environment or IDE is one of the best tools for programmers as it increases their efficiency. Though every programmer is not very fond of an IDE, but if a huge project is going on which has several files, an IDE makes life easier for a developer as it helps in coding, syntaxing, making templates and more. Here we’ll check out the best 5 Python IDEs for developers.

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1. Eclipse with PyDev:

Eclipse is one of the most dynamic IDEs as it supports several languages. PyDev offers a package which allows turing Eclipse into a useful Python IDE. Its key features include code completion, syntax highlighting, code analysis, refactoring, unit test integration and many more. It also works with minimal configuration.

Eclipse with PyDev

2. Komodo Edit:

It’s a clean and professional IDE which focuses on the main requirement. It offers fast code completion with minimal loading time.Komodo Edit

3. PyCharm:

JetBrains-created IDE PyCharm is applicable across platforms which offers automatic code completion, error mark-up, bracket matching, code folding and unit testing.


4. Eric:

Eric has some popular Qt tools and it’s written in Python with PyQt.



5. IDLE:

IDLE comes with most Python distributions and it’s also a cross-platform IDE, which works on Windows, Mac and Linux. IDLE is the Python IDE built with the tkinter GUI toolkit.

IDLE has the following features:

coded in 100% pure Python, using the tkinter GUI toolkit
cross-platform: works on Windows and Unix
multi-window text editor with multiple undo, Python colorizing and many other features, e.g. smart indent and call tips
Python shell window (a.k.a. interactive interpreter)
debugger (not complete, but you can set breakpoints, view and step)



Courtesy: Python Central