XUL – Firefox extension development, Firefox plugins development


In the field of computer programming XUL symbolize itself as significant programming language in the web development.

Usually XUL is pronounced as “ZOOL” among programmers and actually it is XML user interface markup language operates in Mozilla cross-platform applications like Firefox and Flock.

XML is developed by Mozilla project.

Implementation of “ZOOL” or XUL is provided completely by using Gecko layout engine.        


    AestheticTech offers you a strong technological platform for the XUL development, having experienced & talented expertise of XUL developers, in using XUL programming language for the development of XUL based applications. XUL is the programming language which can be easily implemented by professionals having expertise in web-programming & design and AestheticTech possesses both for the development of quality applications for clients. XUL DESIGN includes several standards & technologies such as CSS, JavaScript and DOM. XUL is consisted of various ELEMENTS such as top level elements are dialog, wizard, window, page, etc. There are a variety of “Widgets” used in XUL for instance checkbox, menu, tree, toolbar, combo box, list box, textbox, button, radio button, labels and many more widgets are used as elements. Like top level & widgets other XUL significant elements are Box model, Event & scripts and data source.                                                                            

 XUL is popular for the development of Mozilla Firefox extension development and applications. AestheticTech can build feature rich cross-platform applications which can easily run whether connected with internet or disconnected. Our XUL developers can easily customize these applications with alternative texts, graphics and layout which can be localized for various markets.

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