To make significant contributions to improving our clients’ business performance ― through our unique combination of talent, expertise and commitment ― thereby creating value for our clients.


To be a preeminent global firm that the business and professional communities hold in the highest regard. We achieve:

  • Marketplace leadership by building businesses with best-in-class capabilities to deliver measurable results for our clients
  • Workplace leadership by building a community of exceptional professionals who, individually and collectively, want to contribute to and be part of a high-performance organization.


We are committed to the values of integrity, respect and professionalism. We embrace such attributes as agility, innovation, high performance and discipline that, in combination with our values, will help us realize our vision.

Code of Business Conduct

AestheticTech’s policy is, and always has been, to obey all applicable laws in all countries in which we operate. Towers Perrin is also committed to continuously strive to conduct business with the highest ethical and professional standards in all of its locations.

The firm is committed to the principles of honesty, integrity and fairness in everything that it does. This is not just because it is a positive reflection on the firm and its employees, nor because our clients expect no less, but because this is quite simply the right thing to do.

The Code applies to all AestheticTech’s employees, regardless of position or level, in all operating divisions and in all businesses. All of our employees are guided to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect for the law.