Toolbar Development


   TOOLBAR – It is often seen on any popular browser there are number input out elements placed in the horizontal manner each element functions differently according to its functional properties. A horizontal panel on a computer monitor in a graphical user interface which contains various onscreen buttons, menus, buttons and various other elements.                                                               


AestheticTech is web Development Company offering “Toolbar Development” for all popular browsers, as we architects & develop quality toolbars that can dynamically format them at runtime which is actually depends on the nature of browsed webpage.

We believe in our toolbar development expertise for creation of high-standard toolbars having compact add-ons, scrolling windows, search textboxes, dropdown menus, radio controls and many more elements which can be placed on toolbars. These quality toolbars play significant role to meet specific business goals. As we provide sophisticated customized services to our clients we have provided Windows Explorer plugins, add-ons and DeskBand Objects. AestheticTech develop:

  • Customized IE Toolbars for all latest IE versions (IE 7, IE 8.0 and IE 6)
  • Customized Firefox Toolbars,
  • Browser Helper Objects,
  • Development in IE/Firefox Plugins

Our technological expertise in the Toolbar Development includes or technologies we use in toolbar development are C#.NET, XUL, JavaScript, XPCom. In some cases we can integrate HTML, flash controls in toolbar applications.