Ruby on Rails Applications Development

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework coded in Ruby that follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Ruby is an object oriented scripting language. Rails is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework based on Ruby and used for developing web applications. The Rails framework supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases.

AestheticTech offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient Ruby on Rails solutions for it’s client. AestheticTech offer RoR development solutions according to customized needs of clients, to various industry verticals.

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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Our dedicated and experienced team of professional developers having expertise in Ruby on Rails (RoR) is always ready to serve your needs at any level of Customized Web Application services as well as maintenance work in RoR.

Cost to hire Ruby on Rails developer

A good experienced Ruby on Rails Web Developer can be hired starting at $1800 US per month. For details contact us.

Working Time

He will work dedicatedly for you, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. As we work in shifts we try our level best to accommodate the developers work timing in synch with yours work hours, atleast for few hours a day.

Holidays: Saturday, Sunday and Pakistan Holidays.

How It Works

Start Up – After finalizing the developers and getting the bank wire transfer, Your specific developer(s) will be assigned and will be ready to start work within 24 hours. You can keep in touch with your assigned developer(s) through instant messenger and email.

You Monitor Work – You will need to monitor the work undertaken by your assigned developer(s). We recommend that you give your developer(s) details of your project timetable and the deliverables you require from them. We also recommend that you regularly check development process so that both you and your developer(s) can be sure that the project is staying on track. Please note that you will need to interact directly with your hired programmer(s) with regard to your projects – we do not provide project management and in fact only provide basic supervision to your developer(s) (i.e. monitoring of attendance, ensuring they work hard while at work, shift scheduling and so on). Essentially, your dedicated developer provide the same service as you would get from an in-house developer, but are located offshore at our development center in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Payment Terms: We use to charge upfront payment of the month the developer is going to work for you, on monthly contract hiring basis. Mode of payment will be Bank Wire Transfer.
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