Multimedia CDs or Flash Animations, a way to express your ideas and to interact with the potential customers. Our multimedia presentation service covers business, corporate, educational and training cds. A Multimedia CD Presentation or Flash Animation creates visual impact and you can include details like industry information, company prospectus, business goal, product details, catalogues, just about everything you want to!

Flash Animations

Flash Animation is an attractive and interactive tool on the web with Action Script Games it has gained a lot of popularity. AestheticTech has trained animation designer for creating lively and decent animation. AestheticTech having the mastery over Flash Animation tools and given it a new identity. We have used Flash tools to create videos with low file size to make it internet friendly.

Animation has given a new outlook to sites on the web and hence it has gained the vital position and requirement in increasing site traffic. So Websites emphasis on Flash animation for web promotion and CD presentation. Flash Animation has also application in projector displays on huge screens and displays at Exhibitions. Such projector displays become more effective with use of Flash Animation tools and Action scripting. Such use of Flash interactive animation tools is more attractive for users and others companies. Flash animation has been the most explored and most renowned way for company presentation. Companies promote flash animation for their websites because these are more effective than any other way of presentation.

We at AestheticTech are not only associated with Flash as an animating tool but also work on designing and animation on softwares like 3D max and Director. Now, Flash animation embedded with the latest voice over technology has found a new and crucial role in Websites promotion and CD presentation.

CD Presentation

Whether as a CD Presentation, CD Business Card / Biz Card CD, or customizes cd with animations, anything you can just think or imagine. a website, audio, or even Flash animation in your custom CD presentation. We can also provide the sound enable system.

Logo Design Services

A logo design is a graphical representation of your company’s identity. It is composed of a symbol, illustration, or typography (sometimes called a “logotype”)
Our designers first study your product or service, competitors and target market to develop a logo design that will reflect the overall image of your company.

Purpose of logo design:

  • Attract attention, and then leave an impression
  • Create a look that is unique and distinguishable
  • Reflect the overall image of the company it represents
  • Promote a sense of authenticity and professionalism
  • Promote your brand image

Brochure Design Services

Brochure design is a key component in planning and marketing of a product. So whatever your business is whether your brochure is about your company or about marketing of some new product, the designing and planning of your brochure design layout should be exceptional. AestheticTech provides a complete solution for your brochure design requirement so that your brochure design works for you.

Content Development Services

AestheticTech supported writers, illustrators, designers, and animators provide the expertise to develop content that meets all your internal requirements and delivers the right information to each targeted audience in the most appropriate way.

  • Content copy writing
  • Copy proofreading and editing
  • Taglines and Slogans writing.