March 2014

Working with NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs

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We had worked with many local and international NGOs  in Pakistan. And we try to contribute towards the cause. What really matters is the value that they deliver to society and we some how want to become part of their social activism.  We have helped many NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs to get them their websites [...]

Government of Pakistan :

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We also have a history of helping various government offices for their web and tech needs. We have built sites for clients like Provincial Assemblies,  National Police Academy, Parliamentary committees e-g Senate's Functional Committee on Government Assurances etc. A number of the sites are in pipeline. 

Oxfam-Novib : Digital Forms Management System

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We developed a state of the art requisition management system for the internal processes of the Oxfam Novib NGO office in Islamabad. This software is being deployed to serve administration and finance staff along with general staff of the office to generate various requisitions like Travel Requisition, Orders like Purchase and work orders and Journals [...]


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We worked with We worked with USAID funded PLSP project in Islamabad to help host websites of provisional assemblies. The websites are currently hosted on Aesthetic Tech servers and performing good for last 3-4 years without any interruption in services. Please have a look and for more details. We also help them in [...]

ADB – Asian Ombudsman Association

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In ADB supported fund, RETA 6465, Strengthening Asian Ombudsman Association AOA, we built online resource center and collaboration website for the members of AOA along with IT infrastructure arrangements for the same. The website was launched in Manila with a overwhelming response from all the members of AOA and respective members in IOI. Please visit [...]


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We have been serving UNDP for last 4 years in their project SDPD – Strengthening Democracy through Parliamentary Development, where we built various project websites of caucuses, Parliamentary Committees and projects within SDPD. We are official technical service provider for SDPD through a monthly service contract where we manage various websites and IT infrastructure of [...]

Working with Corporate Sector

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From law firms to trade houses to education institutions to travel companies to real estate world, Aesthetic Tech has a long list of satisfied customers. The corporate sector has a fundamental philosophy, where perfection and professionalism are more important than anything else. At corporate level, we do not compete for money but for the best [...]

September 2013

7 Less Known Google Services That Are Worth Knowing!

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How big and enormous Google is, is known to one and all! But is Google just about the search engine, Android and Maps? Well no! Google is a whole suite of web-based applications and services for everything from email to calendaring, document editing, and file storage. And if that is also something that you already [...]

10 Toughest IT certifications, so far…

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Do you think IT certifications are boring or it is not tough to get an IT certification? Well, you have come to the right place. We bring to you 10 toughest IT certifications ever to break and redo the myths. These programmes have been listed on the basis of 3 basic criteria, difficulty level of [...]

Parliamentary and Legislative Information Management Using Bungeni

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Last year we came across implementing Legislative and Non-Legislative Assembly Business Management for Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa using open source tools like wordpress and it became a huge success. With 2.5 million hits a month and mostly unique visitors, this project gave access to profiles of MPAs, their legislative and non legislative business, party [...]